2nd Generation Audi TT Hesitant Cold Start

The TT is a model of sports car manufactured by the VW auto group. Since 1998, Audi has produced this vehicle in both roadster and coupe models across two generations. Audi owners tend to be very satisfied with the performance of their vehicles, but some do complain of issues from time to time.

One such problem that is a source of consternation for Audi TT owners is the way their cars fail to start right away in cold weather. For those people who live in colder climates, this can be source of frustration, especially when the cold weather lasts for three to four months out of the year.

Some Audi drivers have had the coil packs replaced on their vehicles but have seen no difference. The problem isn't that the car won't start, but that it will sputter for several seconds before starting. Once the car has been running and is turned off for a brief period of time, it will start up as normal. Some drivers have found that simply swapping out the coolant temperature sensor will fix this problem.

If you are experiencing a problem with your Audi TT struggling to start in cold weather, you should take you vehicle in to a nearby German import technician for a diagnostics report and possible repair solution. Right now it may be experiencing trouble starting, but when really severe weather hits, it may fail to start at all and really leave you or your family in a bind. It's better to act now than to put it off.

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