2nd Generation Audi TT Sunroof Malfunction

German automaker Audi has been producing the sporty 2 door TT since 1998. This Volkswagen subsidiary has produced two generations of the TT as both a 2+2 coupe as well as a two seat roadster. As much as Audi TT owners love the power and style of their cars, sometimes problems do occur.

Some TT owners have complained of problems with the vehicle's sunroof. It seems that a malfunction in some models causes the sunroof to operate with a mind of its own. Regardless of whether or not the sunroof has been prompted by the driver, the roof will open and close. This is a problem that Audi has acknowledged in the past and they have taken steps to replace certain parts of the motor that operates the sunroof.

While this may certainly be a problem with a defective motor part, another cause may be at issue. Occasionally the contacts in the operating switch may fail to make a connection and the mechanism will not respond to the driver's controls. Some Audi owners call this situation having a "possessed sunroof." For those with less of a sense of humor about it, they simply call it a pain. While this is perhaps not a safety issue, it is something that should be fixed.

If you are experiencing problems with a sunroof malfunction, you should consider taking your Audi TT to an independent VW repair specialist. A trained mechanic will be able to give you an estimate on the repairs as well as a time frame to complete them.

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