Common Repairs on the 3rd Generation Audi TT

The Third Generation Audi TT, introduced in 2014, continued the model's legacy as a sleek and sporty compact car. With its agile handling, comfortable interior and advanced features, the 3rd gen Audi TT remains a stylish and sporty choice in the premium compact sports car segment. Some common issues of the 3rd gen Audi TT include:

Oil Consumption: Some TT models with the 2.0-liter TFSI engine experienced higher-than-average oil consumption. Regularly checking and topping up the oil level is important to prevent engine problems.

Transmission Issues: Audi's S tronic dual-clutch automatic transmission, while generally reliable, could sometimes experience mechatronic unit or clutch-related problems, leading to rough shifting or hesitation.

Brake Wear: Some owners reported premature brake wear, which could be attributed to driving habits or the type of brake pads used. Bring your 3rd gen TT to an expert Audi service center for regular brake maintenance.

Sunroof Malfunction: On occasion TT owners have taken issue with what seems to be a malfunction of the car's sunroof, which seems to operate with a mind of its own.

If you are experiencing any one of the problems outlined above, never fear. Simply schedule and appointment with an independent VW repair garage and have this issue fixed.

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