Common Repairs on the 5th Generation Audi A8 D5

The Audi A8 D5, introduced in 2017, is the fifth generation of Audi's flagship luxury sedan. The A8 D5 features a sophisticated design, incorporating Audi's latest innovations in design language and materials. The A8 D5 continues Audi's tradition of delivering a top-tier luxury sedan with cutting-edge features and refined performance, but note that is does not go without some common issues.

Gearbox Oil Leak: Oil leaking from a faulty joint in the gearbox oil line has been reported by some D5 owners. Bring your Audi in to an experienced German automotive repair center for proper diagnosis.

Air Suspension Faulty Control Module: If you notice an uneven ride height, bumpy ride quality or see an illuminated warning light on the dash, you may have a malfunction of the control module.

Suspension Noise: Squeaks or rattles from the suspension components can occur, which may require investigation and repair by a qualified Audi repair mechanic.

Brake Wear: Premature brake wear is reported by some owners. Regular inspection and maintenance are important to address this issue.

An appointment with a nearby Audi service technician is the best way to diagnose and resolve any of these or other issues you may be experiencing.

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