B6 Audi A4 Sunroof Switch Problems

The A4 is a series of compact executive vehicles manufactured by the auto manufacturer Audi, which is itself a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Audi has been producing this line since 1994 which includes the Sixth Generation B6 rolled out in 2000. While Audi customers love the choice of body styles, from 4-door sedans to the 2-door Cabriolet, sometimes they do encounter problems with their vehicles.

One vexing issue that Audi B6 drivers have encountered with their vehicles is what is commonly referred to as the "possessed sunroof." This means exactly what you might think it means: the sunroof is seemingly taken over by some outside force that controls it independently of the driver. The sunroof will at times open or close completely at a time of its own choosing. Of course, this is just a humorous way to label an irritating technical problem. The issue is in fact simply a mechanical failure of the contacts in the switch that regulate the sunroof.

A competent do-it-yourself car owner could probably fix this issue easily enough with a few simple tools. For others, however, this issue can be remedied pretty quickly and inexpensively by contacting an independent VW repair specialist.

While having a so called "possessed sun roof" may not cause an immediate danger to you or the passengers of your vehicle, it really should be fixed. A sun roof that opens at an inopportune moment, like during a heavy rainstorm for example, could impair your ability to operate your Audi B6.

Search for a local, independent Audi repair shop with Audi mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.