B7 Audi A4 Cam Lobe Wear

Produced in Germany from 2004-2008, the Audi A4 B7, was known for its innovated transmission, which was light in weight and quick to respond. Owners could chose from the sedan, wagon, and 2-door body styles. Although German auto fans were excited about this make and model, the B7, like any new car, developed a few common problems. One is cam lobe wear.

If your fuel seems to cut out, your B7 might be affected by this problem. Drivers have complained of a variety of related sensations, ranging from limping or bucking to a gentler pulsing. The check-engine light might be illuminated. This problem seems to be particularly prevalent in the 2.0TFSI engine.

The cam lobe is key to the functioning of the high-pressure fuel pump. If this part, located within the camshaft, becomes worn, you might experience fluctuations in fuel rail pressure. Left untreated, this deterioration can lead to the weakening of other important parts, such as the follower.

While some owners attempt to troubleshoot these issues on their own, this is a particularly lofty do-it-yourself project. For starters, the high-pressure fuel pump needs to be removed. Furthermore, you’ll need to be familiar with how a normal cam follower should look. It would be a shame to, for example, unnecessarily replace the high-pressure fuel pump. For affordable yet expert assistance, we recommend contacting a specialized Audi service shop. These German auto technicians will have quick access to any required parts and tools necessary to efficiently diagnose and repair your A4.

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