C6 Audi A6 Trunk Latch Problems

In 2004, German automaker Audi unveiled the third generation A6 model, as an affordable option to other midsize luxury vehicles currently on the market. The Audi A6 C6 earned high marks for safety among industry leaders and with its upgraded cabin and trim options, garnered a large share of the luxury import market.

The Audi A6 C6 is designed with style in mind. Its large comfortable cabin allows for plenty of legroom with leather seats standard on all models. The multimedia console allows passengers complete entertainment control including navigation system, Bluetooth capability and dual climate control. The Audi A6 third generation was also the first to include Audi’s signature ‘single-frame grille’ unique to the Audi line.

One problem Audi owners have frequently experienced is trouble with the trunk latch on their vehicles. Most often, this occurs during colder weather but may happen anytime to newer or older vehicles. Audi A6 drivers complain that the trunk will fail to latch when closed, or may unlatch itself without warning. Catching a glimpse of your Audi’s trunk suddenly opening in the rear view mirror would definitely by a great reason to visit your nearest Audi service mechanic to determine the cause of the problem.

Audi is aware of a defect in the design of the trunk latch on earlier third generation Audi A6 C6 models produced during the production run. There is a redesigned trunk latch that replaces the older latch, at a minimal cost. Your local German import repair specialist should be able to quickly repair this item for you.

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