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5240 Spring Mountain Road,
Las Vegas, NV 89146 US
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Have you been looking for a foreign car automotive service and repair specialist? Look no further! Raymond's Auto Service, located in Las Vegas, Nevada, carries the experience of servicing and repairing foreign and domestic vehicles just like yours.

Raymond Castrogiovanni has been in the automotive service & repair industry for over 45 years. Beginning an automotive career in Italy in 1959, Raymond continues to work on all domestic and foreign makes and models.

1 Review

  • carlos
    carlos6 years ago

    Worst auto repair experience of my life! Took my 2007 Audi A4 to Raymonds because my check engine light was on and it would not pass smog.Also the cover that shields the engine from the road had fallen off and asked him if he could secure it back on with a few bolts Left my vehicle there and had my wife drive me home.He called me the next day and told me that my car needed a new sensor valve and a tune up and that would fix the issues and that he would smog it for me.Total cost $640 dollars.I really needed my car for work so I told him to go ahead and fix it. Called me the next day and told me my car was ready.paid him the $640 in cash .picked up my vehicle and left thinking all was well.After driving my car for about 20 min. my engine light came back on and my car started to misfire and shake violently almost stalled on the freeway! Took my car back to him. He told me that I now had a bad coil and that for $150 he would fix it.If he was such a good mechanic why didn't he fix it right the first time?after telling him that I didnt have $150. He told me that he would install the coil for free if I paid for the part which he claimed cost $80 dollars.So I paid it.afterwards I called the auto parts store and to my surprise the part only cost $25 dollars!! The worst part of this story is that my car is still misfiring my engine light is on and I'm out $720 dolllars.my car runs like crap and now I have to go find an honest mechanic.I'm sure they're still some out their. Steer clear of this guy!!!and don't make the same mistake that I made.

    2007 Audi a4
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