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Robert Berry, a regionally acclaimed European auto technician with more than thirty years of experience, has opened EuroHaus Motorsports to serve European car owners in the Knoxville area.

Robert has extensive experience servicing European brands, including BMW, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Maserati, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin, and Mini Cooper.

Not only does Robert service European cars, he has built BMW and Porsche race cars for many years.

Are you thinking about purchasing a used car? Know what you're buying — call us for a pre-purchase inspection!

Looking for tires? EuroHaus Motorsports is a preferred installer. They'll ship your tires directly to our shop so we can install them for you!

Check out Eurohaus Motorsports featured in December 2015 PCA article.


  • Upon reading reviews from previous customers of Eurohaus Motor Sports, I wanted to interject my opinion and clarify the negative reviews. My 1987 Ferrari Testarossa was delivered back to me ten months from the initial date that I brought it in for major engine restoration. Originally, I brought this car in for an alternator installation and rear wheel bearings and was told it would be ready for me to pick up in three weeks. Robert Berry pointed out other issues such as leaking oil and performed a compression test which showed that it was not firing on a couple of cylinders and had low compression on a couple of other cylinders. All of what he had pointed out to me were immediate issues and some which would have caused problems down the road. Since the engine had to be pulled out anyway, I agreed to have these problems fixed now as it would save me money in the long run in having again to pull the engine to fix these inevitable problems. I decided to go for a full engine restoration therefore paid for the work in various stages until I was paid in full. I still did not see results for another six months after paying in full which irritated me even more. I heard the same thing that I read from other reviews. “I am trying to do a perfect job for you.” I was angry and nervous, thinking that I was another victim and would be ripped off. Although the cost was almost the price of a new American car, it wasn’t the money that I was out of that upset me, I wanted my car. When I received my car, I want to say that it was no less than perfect and was more than I expected and hoped for. Robert Berry took the time to replace all parts needed with OEM parts and assembled the engine perfectly. It is fair to say that it was put together meticulously and better than original factory. This is a car that notoriously leaked oil when brand new and now does not leak a drop even after running it through the limits. Robert Berry fixed other things that he saw along the way at no charge. This would not be the case if I had brought it to a Ferrari dealership. Minor things would have been ignored and the cost would have been greater. Robert Berry took interest in this project as if it were his car, delivering a completely restored engine as if it came out of the show room.

    I admit that I was nervous and thought that ten months was excessive, but taking into consideration that parts for this model are not easy to find, it was reasonable considering the outcome. Any major restoration is lengthy for any antique and a customer should realize this. It is the outcome that determines whether it was worth the while within reason. The only issue at Eurohaus is that Robert Berry is the only one who works on these projects due to his expertise. Although he has good mechanics for Porsches or BMWs, which is main stream at Eurohaus, he does not have the time to cross train them for restoration work of my nature or examples of other reviews. They are needed for other day to day work for cars which customers need as their daily drivers. Consequently Robert Berry does all of this type of work which is actually a good thing.

    In my opinion, Robert Berry is on the top of his field and is second to none as a mechanic and one that will not overlook an issue that is not on the order. If you have a major restoration job and your car is not a daily driver, I would strongly recommend Robert Berry. It will be worth the time it takes to receive a perfect outcome. I am not an easy customer to work with however I would do it again knowing the quality of work and expertise at Eurohaus Motor Sports.

    Paul N. on October 15, 2016
  • Robert and the staff are amazing here. This is my second BMW and their service and expertise is second to none. Not only are they amazing but they don't charge an arm and leg like the other repair shops. Highly recommend.

    Keith H., via Google+ on April 22, 2016
  • Robert and the staff were very prompt in helping me out with my car situation. Katelyn is so sweet! My car is running great and my pocket book is not depleted! Thank so much... I will definitely be back!

    Melissa M, via Google+ on April 21, 2016
  • I have been a satisfied customer of Robert Berry, owner of Eurohaus Motorsports, for a few years now. For me, it was refreshing to find someone so knowledgeable and enthusiastic, who took the time to get to know me and develop a genuine interest in the health of my cars. Robert will explain the problem, offer solutions, and provide honest advice on what needs attention and what doesn't, never trying to over-sell his services or pushing "repairs" that are not needed. The services and support received have always been top-notch, with no post service issues what so ever. He does it right the first time.

    For anyone who tracks their car, whether for fun or competition, you must pay Robert a visit. Robert has extensive experience tuning for some of the top national racing teams, as well as grassroots level racers. Personally, Robert's advice on suspension set-up and tire pressures have yielded increased enjoyment and satisfaction on the track.

  • I've been taking my Mercedes to him for years. Robert took great care of my older car and always at a reasonable price. He was even very helpful when I started looking for a new car, even checking a few out for me when I brought them to him, even really late on a Friday. I now have a newer Mercedes and he has been great working on this car. He is always reasonable/fair in price and great at providing all the options when I'm short on cash. I'm very picky about who works on my car and have always been pleased with Robert and his staff. I will not take my car to anyone else. I once had my older car towed over 100 miles to get it back to Robert at his shop.

  • Robert is an excellent and gifted mechanic. I have known him since 2007 and he is the only mechanic I allow to work on my Porsche. In addition to being a great mechanic, I have personally seen him go out of his way to help others at his own cost. He's good people!

  • I moved from Columbus, Ohio. Was looking for BMW place. I went to a couple places, one was a BMW dealer at Turkey Creek which had very bad service. Then I found EuroHaus from looking online. I met Robert, he is the owner. Love how his customer service was very friendly and his price was GREAT!! I have a guy at Columbus who took care of my BMW forever. Robert was right on the price and great at taking care of my car. He fixed the problem on the first time and NEVER went again; all problems were fixed. He will go miles to make you happy. Will pick you up from home or will drive you home !! HE HAS GREAT TEAM. They are very friendly and helpful !!!


  • Robert and his staff are amazing, helpful and friendly. Have used them for years and have always been extremely satisfied with the job they've done on my Porsche Boxster. They always go above and beyond in their service! I would - and do - recommend them any time I can!!

  • Five BIG Stars! Robert Berry's EuroHaus MotorSports is responsible for putting my 1988 Porsche 951 Turbo S back on the road --and keeping it on the road since October 15th, 2009. I only drive the damn thing. I have no clue how Robert keeps this little miracle running.

    Robert Berry rebuilt the engine, replaced the clutch, along with a few minor improvements over the last seven years (being able to adjust the drivers seat or roll down the passenger side window for example). For those keeping score, Mark Johnson (a.k.a. Marcos de Ninguna Parte) can be counted among Robert Berry's very very happy customers.

    If you disagree with my honest review, you will not be counted among my "ever shrinking" circle of friends. Take that!

  • Robert is the best import mechanic in Knoxville! If you drive German cars...he is the guy! I have taken my Minis to him for 5yrs and he has always given me the best service, best treatment and best price!!! You can't get a better price. He is fair, accommodating and honest. I always trust him; his recommendations are spot on and he saved me a lot of money by being so honest. That's why I never took any of my Minis anywhere else! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  • Helped me out for the past 8 plus years; will keep and recommend going to.

  • What I like with EuroHaus MotorSports is that they’re straight forward to talk with. You can talk to the mechanic. They are quite responsive, and it just seems to be a direct outlet to deal with. They’re straight forward to schedule with, and even offered to transport us home, since it was going to be awhile. They’re better price-wise, than the dealer.

    James T. Knoxville, TN, via Angie's List on April 3, 2014
  • Hey Folks; I received Tyler's voice message asking how the BMW was holding up after the head gasket job. I'm happy to report that all appears to be well. I'm afraid to say more than that because I don't want to put any bad mojo on her. I remember the last time I got to thinking how well the car was running; about five minutes later, the head gasket blew.

    Appreciate the professionalism of a follow up call. Can't say as I've ever had an auto repair facility do that before. Good for you. It shows you have confidence in the work you do.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Art R. on October 1, 2012
  • Thanks Robert for getting us back on the road on the cross country trip. The carbs are holding and....I'm not sure where the coil is! LOL! Seriously though, we would have been s-c-r-e-w-e-d without your help both times. For those of you reading this, we picked up a 1970 914 in San Diego and are in process of driving it back to PA. The carbs were out of sync and we found EuroHaus on Google and Robert dropped everything to help us out. THEN, we left and the coil fell off and grounded out the motor in the backwoods at the bottom of the Dragon. Robert once again came to our rescue and got us going again. We are son dense we didn't even see the coil laying there in our mad hunt for fuel problems. LOL. We are in Richmond VA and 4 hrs from home and the car is running tops!! Unbelieveable trip of a lifetime and thanks to EuroHaus making helping us finish it out.

    Ted B. Harrisburg, PA., via Facebook on March 14, 2012
  • Hey guys thanks for gettin my poor little mini back up and goin, i am very pleased with how me and my car are treated at your shop.

    Brian M., via Facebook on March 20, 2012
  • Just bought a 2007 MINI Cooper S and took it for an oil change and a inspection before a long trip. Everyone couldn't have been nicer!! They answered all my questions and I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a MINI!! I drove from the Chattanooga area, and it was well worth it.

    Wendy H. Chattanooga, TN., via Facebook on July 10, 2012

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  • John8 years ago

    By John - Apr 20, 2010

    I took my 2005 VW Passat in for a noise that no one else in town could seem to competently diagnose. One shop that starts with a Pep-???? (You fill in the rest) told me it was the alternator. Well after spending $500+ on a new one with labor the noise was still there! Do not take your European auto to anyone who doesn't know or care what they are doing!!! The guys over at EuroHaus had me up and running noise free in no time flat!!! Turns out it was a fan clutch bearing. They even put a new belt on while they had everything off and didn't charge me labor for it! I will not take my car anywhere else. EuroHaus ROCKS!!!!?

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