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European Vehicle Repair in Hialeah, FL and serving motorists in Doral and Miami, FL. We are factory trained in Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche. We also service BMW, Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Volvo, and Mini Cooper. We do vehicle service and repair and also sell parts to the public. We now also have a body shop with competitive pricing.

We have the best prices on the market. Our customers are our #1 priority and there is no job to small for us. All estimates are welcome and we will beat any price. We offer towing and roadside assistance. We also offer a free safety and maintenance inspection with any service.

Reach Krankenwagen at 305-231-3344 or 954-399-0511 or on our mobile phone at 786-399-7104.

50 Reviews

  • Riyad hosein
    Riyad hosein9 months ago

    Great customer service, affordable pricing, short completion time, everything that a customer could want.

    2015 Audi Q7 s line
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    ANDRES MONTEAGUDO2 years ago

    Muy bueno en lo que hace solo con oir te dice el 99% donde podría ser el fallo ... calidad y precio un 10 se los recomiendo con los ojos cerrado

    2003 Audi TT
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  • Ingrid
    Ingrid2 years ago

    Excellent service, fixed my coolant leaks, handled everything in a timely manner. Will definitely be returning to Krankenwagen.

    2006 Audi A4
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  • Albert
    Albert4 years ago

    A mechanic I can trust 100%. Krankenwagen goes and beyond on customer service, and they get the job done right. Most importantly, I know that I'm always given a good price, and if they recommend something needs fixing, it's because it DOES, not because they're "upselling" me. It's so comforting to know that the value, quality, and honest service is there whenever I need it! Thanks

    2002 Audi Allroad
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  • Iranquis De Rio
    Iranquis De Rio4 years ago

    A good mechanic extremely friendly and efficient. The most impressive is that they can get an accurate estimate by just listening the car without touching it. Really, if you have a European car, you should not hesitate to choose him as your mechanic as he has a very big experience. Krankenwagen is absolutely the fairest and best place you could take your vehicle for repair.

    2003 Audi A4
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  • Lynette
    Lynette4 years ago

    I found out about Krankenwagen online after getting an outrageous quote from the Audi dealership for basic maintenance. Needless to say they provided excellent service at a reasonable price. They are very courteous, professional and knowledgeable. I'm very happy to have found them and will not take my car anywhere else.

    2013 Audi A4
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  • Leonardo
    Leonardo4 years ago

    I had a problem with my Audi Q7 that it wouldn't accelarate and go over 4000 RPM . I took my my car to 2 Audi dealers (one in Miami and another one in broward) and nobody couldn't figure it out .

    I was told from a gentleman that i met in the Audi dealer as a customer that I should visit Krankenwagen. That they will fix all my problems. I took my car to Krankenwagen, and they finally got with the problem. Since then they are the only ones that take care my Audi q7 and my Mercedez c250.

    More than that they became an excellent friend. I can't even explain how happy am I with their services and advice.

    2009 Audi Q7
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  • Alfredo G
    Alfredo G4 years ago

    He is an excellent mechanic. He is honest and very reasonable. He takes great pride in his work and extremely detail oriented. I would highly recommend him to everyone.

    2010 Audi A4
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  • Lauren S
    Lauren S4 years ago

    They are the best. I'm glad I found them after a terrible experience with another repair shop. I really felt like I disliked my car but after leaving the shop today, that's a thought in the past ,now my car is running like it's brand new and I'm very satisfied with his services and I recommended this company

    2013 Audi A6
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  • Lizzard
    Lizzard5 years ago

    He was very helpful, professional and the best prices in town. He will be definitely my permanent Audi mechanic for life. He knows everything there is to know about Audis and his prices are reasonable and his work is perfect.

    2001 Audi A4
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  • Greg Merril
    Greg Merril5 years ago

    The Krankenwagen crew helped me with a pre-purchase inspection. They were extremely flexible with scheduling. The inspection went above and beyond my expectations with internet research and contact with Audi was extremely thorough. i knew they spent way more time on this then the charged and i really appreciated it. Ultimately i did not by the car because of what was found - saved my butt. Thanks Krankenwagen!!!

    2011 Audi S6
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  • Jessie
    Jessie5 years ago

    Went to them and the service was excellent. I am very happy and satisfied with the work they did to my Audi A6 Quattro. They were very nice and honest. Not expensive either but reasonable pricing. Right from the start they knew what my car had, their experience and specialties in luxury cars are the best wouldn't trade them for another mechanic. This is definitely the only place ill bring my car.

    2000 Audi A6
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  • Jorge B
    Jorge B5 years ago

    I took my Audi to get serviced and fix one of my fans for the radiators. They both did an awesome job. Great quality service, lots of attention to detail. I will definitely recommend them to all my friends and family.

    2011 Audi A4
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  • Clem
    Clem5 years ago

    After reading all the good reviews below, I decided to reach out to the shop regarding an upgrade and the recommend 35k maintenance. He is truly an honest specialist who is excellent at his trade. Being in the customer service field, I was treated professional, friendly and best of all was his honesty. He took care of my vehicle like it was his own. The staff was also very friendly and courteous every time I visited the shop.

    The cost and rates are very reasonable for the quality and craftsmanship that he puts in this little shop. I was a bit worried locating an Audi specialist once the factory warranty ends, but I will look no further for a repair shop as well as his professional opinion.

    Thank you for taking care of my vehicle. I truly appreciate your professionalism and care.

    2011 Audi A4 Quattro
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  • Fidel
    Fidel5 years ago

    I went to Prestige to change the oil of my car and they gave me a huge list of things that need to be done in my Audi 2004 with prices around 5000.00 dollars,kind of synonyms of ridiculousness. I get very concerned about my situation,so i went to Google online, a very risky step and for some reason, energy ,providence or i dont know this name shows up, Krakenwagen. i read about him and i decided to go and explore the place.

    I like him right from the beginning, his smart personality, his ears wide opening at listening, his honesty and comprehension and also his sense of humor translating as a confidence .

    To make the story short,i got one the best job in my car,super extra steps in only one day and a half,my car was fix from top to bottom, this job would take weeks to be done. Prices super reasonable .This guy is a genius in luxury cars. I found my place, i will check my car regularly in order to keep it in the road for years to come. We have lunch together and Nick the American mechanic that works for him. Awesome people. You should visit this place with no worries.

    2004 Audi A Quattro 1.8 turbo year 2004
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  • Wendy H.
    Wendy H.5 years ago

    Highly recommend this independent Audi service center!!! Outstanding work performed on my car: excellent service, fast turnaround, well priced, and great customer service.

    The business owner has extensive industry knowledge and expertise, along with being reliable and trustworthy. Krankenwagen was recommended by a co-worker, and was a great find. Makes a person never want to go back to a dealership again! - WH

    2012 Audi S4
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  • Eliot
    Eliot5 years ago

    Proffesional, honest, trustworthy and go the extra mile with customer service. The team is very informative on the whole process of your vehicle from diagnostics to the explanation of the maintenance being performed. Not to mention that the prices are extremely competative! I am Extremely pleased with both times I have had my Audi serviced and I Will continue to get my car serviced at krankenwagen!

    2003 Audi A6 QUATTRO 4.2
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  • William G.
    William G.5 years ago

    I purchased a 2002 Audi A6 from a dealership in Hollywood Florida. From day one I was lied to about the car and it's condition. After taking it to a mechanic up here in Fort Lauderdale where I live, with no luck. I took it to Audi Pembroke Pines, I was told that several things were wrong with the car and it needed a lot of attention (and alot of money I don't have). I was referred to KrankenWagen, was told he was the best and competitive in cost. Turns out, with a little love from the staff at KrankenWagen at a VERY fair price, my A6 wasn't a bad buy. It runs like a dream and little by little my 12 year old car will be just like BRAND NEW! Thank you KrankenWagen staff!

    2002 Audi A6 Quattro 2.7
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  • Frank
    Frank5 years ago

    I took my A4 for scheduled maintance. They gave me very professional service with the highest quality. The job was done quickly and at a very fair price. I will definitely be back for my next scheduled maintance. The shop is clean and the crew ( including the owner) are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend them.

    2010 Audi A4 premium plus
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  • Jimmy G.
    Jimmy G.5 years ago

    I have a 2002 AUDI A6 Allroad with 200,000 miles. Since KrankenWagen has taken over the maintenance, the car has been performing the best it has ever performed! His preventive approach has saved me thousands of dollars and the car has NEVER left me stranded, which has saved me headaches. This last tune-up has my Allroad running so well that the turbos are whistling again tempting me to chase down other euro cars on the highways. It's so awesome! Thanks to Krankenwagen for helping me by staying on schedule and on budget.

    2002 Audi A6 ALLROAD
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  • j
    j5 years ago

    He was very knowledgable and helpful. he did not try to oversell an unnecessary service, but instead used his deep knowledge of and passion for audi's to diagnose an issue with his specialist, and fully addressed a major engine issue i had been having for more than a year as a result of going to non-specialized mechanics - including the collection in miami! - that were unable to determine what the underlying problems were with my vehicle.

    i was impressed with his fairness and expertise, and recommended another person to go see him for issues that they were having with their VW, which again, were addressed immediately and turned around within 2-3 days.

    highly recommended.

    2007 Audi a4
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  • Iranquis Del Rio
    Iranquis Del Rio5 years ago

    I had previously bad experience by let any mechanic to take care of my previous and actual German Car. I start searching for Audi specialist and decide to Krankenwagen European Car Specialist. I took my Audi for some diagnostic due to some engine noises. Krankenwagen, now well known by me as the king of the Audi, visually identified potential problems and using their more sophisticated equipment, confirmed and identified several fault codes associated with the engine. I highly got impressed with the excellent customer service, trustworthiness, courtesy and demeanor of the staff in general but I can say that the owner is the most experience mechanic for Audi ever seen in my life. Also found and solved some other issues that I was only slightly aware of which most of them were fix for free. That is a random act of kindness! I feel that I have found a repair shop that I could trust and I'm definitely coming back here for my car service. Excellent and personalized service, great prices and they have the most advanced technology and equipment. The place is spotless clean!! And really nice! I recommend it 100%. Service was great, timely and reasonably priced. Keep it up and thanks!



    Para todos ustedes que sólo entienden en Español, yo puedo decir que mi opinión anterior es demasiado larga para explicar pero si tienes un carro Aleman, nunca te vas a arrepentir de traerlo a las manos de Krankenwagen cuando necesite alguna asistencia.



    Vocês que só entendem e falam Português, eu posso lhe garatir que minha opinião anterior é muito longo para ser traduzido, mas se você tem um carro tecnologia Alemanha, você nunca vai se sentir arrependido de jeito ninhum ter trazido o seu carro para ser corrigido por Krankenwagen

    2003 Audi A4
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  • Naresh Potopsingh
    Naresh Potopsingh6 years ago

    It was a very good experience. I had good service and the vehicle was repaired properly.

    1996 Audi A6 Quattro
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  • Arne Riemers
    Arne Riemers6 years ago

    I found Krankenwagen after trying several other German Car Centers before. Ever since bringing my car to Krankenwagen I know I will never go anywhere else anymore.

    They are profesional, courteous, fun, take real pride and care and affordable.

    There are a number of cowboys out there don't make that mistake, trust them at Krankenwagen take it from me I have tried everybody else. No one but Krankenwagen will ever touch my car

    2007 Audi S4
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  • Justin C.
    Justin C.6 years ago

    I had a pleasant experience with Krankenwagen, they were very professional and accommodating to my needs. The car was fixed quickly and back on the road.

    2006 Audi A4 2.0T Quattro
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  • Rafael
    Rafael6 years ago

    I really have to show my gratitude to him and his shop and leaving a review is one of then. He saved me almost four grand on all the repairs my car need it. I took my 2009 Audi A8 to my local dealer in Pembroke Pines FL and after having my car for two days just to tell me what was wrong, or the repairs my car needed. You all are going to agree with me that high end cars owners don't want any mechanics working on our cars. A good friend of mine told me to give this guy a chance and i guess you know how it ended by now!! It was the best decision I have made, He told me the things my car indeed needed and the ones i can hold on for a bit, he went out of his way to take care of my car even on the day he needed to fly out of the State. Thanks again for giving me peace of mind and knowing my car is in good hands with you, thanks for your honesty and knowledge.

    2009 Audi A8
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  • Arne
    Arne6 years ago

    Trust me I tried them all and anyone with a used German car in Miami who does not want to get ripped off by a dealer or does not want to get his/ her car made worse by other so called experts, please go and see him. He is the only one in Miami I trust my car to.

    He is an expert, he has a great service attitude, he goes the extra mile to not have you pay through your nose, but foremost he simply is the best mechanic I have had my german used cars being serviced by.

    If you own a used German car and you want excellent service for a reasonable price, go to Krankenwagen

    2007 Audi S4
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  • Steve Day
    Steve Day6 years ago

    Once again I had a great experience at Krankenwgen. My A6 would not start after a timing position sensor and fuel pump failure in Palm Beach, FL. but I made arrangements to tow it the 60 miles to Hialeah to have Krankenwagen do the work, and as always it was well worth the trouble getting it down there. The shop is clean and bright with every type of European car waiting for his careful attention. He is the friendliest and most knowlegdable master mechanic I know and I would not hesitate to recommend him and his shop to everyone!

    2001 Audi 2.7T
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  • Rejim
    Rejim6 years ago

    I brought my Audi to Krankenwagen a few ago for service and to change a blow off valve. He is knowledgeable and fair with his prices. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have their Audi serviced or repaired.

    2008 Audi A3
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  • Giovanni Morales
    Giovanni Morales7 years ago

    I think, if you read all the comments left from customers been service by Krankenwagen, with no doubt you will take a trip to have your German Car diagnose and repair by him. I honestly recommend Krakenwagen for any repairs you need in your car. Krankenwagen save me thousands of dollars by performing accurate diagnoses on my 2000 TT, definitely will return to see them for my next Audi project, the guy is just an amazing mechanic!!

    2000 Audi TT
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  • Aurelio
    Aurelio7 years ago

    All I'm going to say is that nobody can touch my Audi other than Krankenwagen!!! He knows German cars inside out and offers an excellent customer service at very competitive prices. The best mechanic I ever had in the past years.

    2003 Audi A4
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  • Steven Day
    Steven Day7 years ago

    I have nothing but praise for the team at Krankenwagen. He is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with German cars and takes the time to listen carefully, so always has excellent advice on how to solve your particular problem. The quality of his work has been nothing but first rate, and often goes beyond the work scope if he observes something else that needs attention... for example: I came in to pick up my Audi after a brake job, and he was polishing my faded headlight covers as a finishing touch! He is someone you can trust to have your best interest at heart.

    2001 Audi 2.7T
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  • Roy S.
    Roy S.7 years ago

    By far the best audi service and repair place in Miami and Broward. Prices are extremely fair and the customer service is superior! Will definitely reccomend to all audi owners. Thank you krankenwagen!

    2005 Audi wagon
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  • Jimmy Al Gagne
    Jimmy Al Gagne7 years ago

    He is competent, fair and most of all honest. After exhaustive lessons from technicians that took me far down a road i didn't want to travel, the last guy told me he took my car to Krankenwagen. He couldn't fix my car and used Krankenwagen, marked up his estimate and pretended that he did the work. My car was too much for this "expert" on AUDI. Now, with a 2001 ALLROAD, you must know what you are doing to service this car because it is rare and very high tech! My guy referred me to Krankenwagen and he actually surprised me with his prices and his turn-around time. The car has the variable height suspension system, throttle body issues with the turbos, torque converter errors, ABS and POWER STEERING errors. Regular timing belt service, tune-up, oil change mechanically. When the front end is removed for the timing belt, re-aligning all the components and putting back hundreds of hoses clamps and screws is an issue most "butchers" will use tie straps and just "rig" your car because you can't see it anyway. He put every screw, clamp and hose back, aligned everything correctly and has the car running like a champ ! I know because i looked and checked behind him. He did all of this on time as promised and there were no surprises with the bill. We should expect this as customers although it rarely happens like that. My car has 177,000 miles and i believe that i can get another 100,000 on it now because it is running like when i first bought it originally and i am tough on cars! Thanks for a job well performed.

    2001 Audi ALLROAD
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  • Alan Z
    Alan Z7 years ago

    I found him online, after deciding I did not want to pay the high prices for repairs at the Volkswagen dealership. He has worked on my VW Beetle 4 or 5 times in the past year. I have found him to be an excellent mechanic and a real good guy. His prices are very reasonable. He has even fixed some little things on my car for free. He has also diagnosed and repaired damage to my wife's Toyota Camry.

    Give Krankenwagen a try, you won't be sorry.

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  • Jimmy
    Jimmy7 years ago

    I own a 2003 a4 cabriolet. i ran into this website about five months ago and decided to go. Had just bought the car and didnt know if it was a good purchase. The day i went, i met him. He quickly checked my car and took it for a test drive. Told me i made a good purchase, just needed some work. Since then, hes done my oil change, cvt oil change, and deleted some computer error codes. Though i've only known him for a few months, i already consider him a friend. That's just the type of guy he is. He will look out for you and try to help you wherever he can. I'm a college student, so i cant afford to remodel my car. But its nice to know someone who will sincerely help you when the time comes. All in all, if nothing else, you should at least go out there and see him once. You might not just make a friend, but find a reliable mechanic.

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  • Dhaima Lindo
    Dhaima Lindo7 years ago

    Had the best experience here. Have a 2006 A4 Cabriolet. The mechanic was thorough and honest. They are extremely knowledgeable and took very good care of my car. I am so happy I found them and will recommend anyone I know to bring their car to KrankenWagen. I will be using their services for my car from now on. Did I mention their rates are reasonable!!! Love this place.

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  • nefty
    nefty7 years ago

    Krankenwagen has always worked on my audi a4, once in a while i used to compare and take my car to different audi mechanics including audi dealers and you can not compare ,not only the price but the honestly and knowledge he got with european cars,he has never been wrong when he does diagnosis in my car,i just came from replacing both front axle and motor mount and my car drives great for a low cost, i know anybody else would charge me double,thanks all my friends know about him and i would recommend him 100%, his a 5 star guy *****

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  • ken
    ken7 years ago

    I took my car to Krankenwagen after i went to Esserman Volkswagen for a water sensor. The dealer wanted to charge over 400 dollars to do this and told me the bumper had to come off. I called Krankenwagen for a 2nd opion and was pleasently suprised when he told me it was less than $100 to repair.I will never go to the dealer again and will always take my car to them to fix.i appriecate their honesty and great customer service. He has a customer for life now.

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  • Muhammad Nassar
    Muhammad Nassar7 years ago

    He is very honest and knows very well what he's doing. He saved me thousands of dollars if otherwise I went to the dealer and fixed an electrical problem in my car that nobody else could fix. He knows more about my car than the dealership and treats his customers with honesty and integrity. I'm taking all my my cars to him from now on.

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  • Nicole
    Nicole8 years ago

    My go-to mechanic! My mom and I both have BMWs and if you do too, you know what a pain (and rip off) it can be go to the mechanics at the BMW dealership, and even a lot of the other independently owned places. I first came to Kranken wagon when all of a sudden my window would not rise after lowering it. I stopped by before they closed, he took a look and ordered the necessary part. The next day I showed up, he had the part, and fixed the problem all under an hour. I've been just as happy with my subsequent experiences here. I'm very pleased with the kranken wagon and I'm glad to have found a reliable, trustworthy, and conveniently located mechanic (it's by all those warehouses behind red road).

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  • Misael Perez
    Misael Perez8 years ago

    I recently went to Kranken Wagen and had a great experience. He did everything he promised me he would do and much more, for a grate price. This is the second time a bring my A6 2000 Audi. What I like the most about him is that he treats my Audi like if it was a 2012 and I get to play supervisor. This place is grate I would recommend every body that love there car to take it to Kranken Wagen.

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    JUAN CABEZAS8 years ago

    I know the owner since i was 14 years old, back in panama and he was alwas on its dirt bikes, speed bikes and into cars , is good that i contacted him in miami , i got my jetta turbo and my car was a disaster cause by several shops, last shop states they replace my water pump and thermostat since my car was overheating badly, They charge some mad money and next day my car was worse than ever., i when back and they told me that was my radiator , i left the place and i got his number from his brothe in panama , i call him and i took my car to the shop were he found that my pump and belt was never replace , after some test he remove the entire front of the car and all of the coolant hoses, and he sayd I FOUND YOUR PROBLEM JUANCA , holly molly there was like hard rock tipe stuff in all of the hoses and the radiator was clooged , the previous shop charge me $680.00 for a cylinder head gasket sealer and they damage my cooling system.

    He removed the head and the cooling galleries were also clooged , we sat down for hours cleaning all of my hoses , coolers , pipes, etc and with a nice flush , new timing belt kit, fresh head job, radiator , my car was running like a champ. i will never let nobody touch my car . thanks brother

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  • william
    william8 years ago

    I am a first time costumer of Krankenwagen will remain one for as long as I own my Audi. They had absolutely great service. He knew more about my Audi than any other place I've gone, and knew exactly what to look for and what to fix with in no time. I was treated well and my car was treated even better. My car must have been pretty dirty because he even had it washed lol. He made a future customer out of me and I recommend him to anyone with Audi or Volkswagen. Great job and thank you..

    Will- 2007 Audi A4

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  • Antonio
    Antonio8 years ago

    I have been following Krankenwagen since I got my AUDI A4 at the Collection in Coral Gables.

    Later I changed to AUDI at Pembroke Pines because that is where he went to work.

    Now that he opened Krankenwagen, that is where I am taking my AUDI to do the service and anything else that my car might need, excellente service, profesionalism at a fraction what I was paying at the dealer.

    I will keep coming for as long as I own a car.

    Great Person and mechanic as well!! Great choice!

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  • Tony
    Tony8 years ago

    I had gotten his business card somewhere in Weston and held on to it because I have an Audi A4. One day I was looking to purchase a car for my daughter and came about a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta that looked great on the outside, but was a rebuilt title on the inside. Not knowing much about rebuilt titles and hours before I was to purchase it, I wanted someone to check it out and his business card came to mind. I called him and he made room for me that instant through we had never met.

    Upon his thorough check of the car, several issues arose; the most important to me was the car had NO AIRBAGS! Boy that was a huge blow, seeing the car was for my daughter. He began to counsel me on my options with the car, because I got it at a great price I allowed him to put the car back to VW specs.

    Needless to say, he was very courteous & reasonable and provided a level of service better than what I have ever seen (it’s like he’s a family member). He knew exactly what to do; he explained everything very clearly and carefully. His work was complete very quickly and when I say complete I mean complete and clean! The experience was impressive and I would recommend him highly, because if not him who knows what my daughter might have encountered. Thanks for keeping my daughter and family safe!

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  • Stephen Chambers
    Stephen Chambers8 years ago

    I have known him for over a decade and a half, long before krankenwagen. Since then i have entrusted him with every single one of my four ringed beauties, and i live in Palm Beach Gardens so its pretty much self explanatory why i need not emphasize on his excellent work ethics.

    1997 A4 1.8

    2001 Allroad

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  • Raswin
    Raswin8 years ago

    I've been a customer since 2002, does excellent work. Very honest, no BS!! Had all my German vehicles serviced by Krankenwagen. So the next time you take your car to the dealer, think before you shell out your hard earned money, go to Krakenwagen. Audi/VW specialist with dealers services without the dealers cost.

    Car: 99 Audi A4 Avant

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  • Rafael
    Rafael8 years ago

    Excellent service! I'm very happy with the job done on my 2011 Audi A4, the guy took good care of me. I will definitly come back.

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  • Carol
    Carol8 years ago

    If you want a quality job done on your car, bring it to Krankenwagen. I have brought my car for almost every service you can think of and every single time it is a job well done and I leave a very happy customer. The service is like no other. I know my car is being taken care of by the best. I will not take my car anywhere else.

    Car: 2002 Audi Allroad

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