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Argyle Auto Service, INC.
199 Little East Neck Road
Babylon, NY 11704

BMW Diagnostics:
Equipped with the latest BMW dealership technology and computer system, we can diagnose any problems or concerns, from minor to major, in a timely manner. Quickly finding electrical, mechanical and fiber optic issues will save you time and money from extended diagnostic charges at the dealership.

Engine Replacement:
Out with the old, in with the new? Sometimes the smartest option for a worn or high mileage engine is a total replacement. We provide you with options such as a low mileage pre owned discounted engine, or start you out fresh at 0 miles with a new one.

Brake Service:
Noisy or worn brakes can cause vibrations, unwanted noise and some extreme cases of total brake failure. Have them checked regularly and replaced by our team with high quality BMW replacement parts and fluids, ensuring the safety of you and others while remaining affordable.

Keep your pride and joy running in tip top shape with regular scheduled maintenance. Preventative Maintenance is the key to ensuring your car stays on the road for years to come.

New bushings, struts, and control arms will make your car glide over the road as BMW intended, and take stress away from other undercar components and frame. Fluid may leak from worn seals on shocks and struts the same way as any other seal or gasket on your car. Replacement is necessary if you hear noises or bounce over bumps, or have an unwanted floppy feeling of the car while driving.

We offer full transmission service options from a fluid/filter change, electrical and hydraulic parts replacement, to a full refresh of internal components. We also offer a lot of clutch options for you, from BMW factory original replacements, to clutches designed to handle more than 800 horsepower, and everything in between.

Have a pesky rattle or leak? Maybe you're looking for better performance and fuel economy? Whatever the case may be, we have you covered.

Cooling System:
We can find even the smallest leak with our pressure testing equipment. A full coolant flush can prolong the life of your engine, prevent freezing and improve thermal efficiency. BMW recommends a full system flush with OEM blue antifreeze every 4 years or 50,000 miles. All radiators and pumps we get directly from BMW North America at discounted rates.

BMW Programming/Coding:
With the most up to date dealership software and hardware, we can program and code every BMW from 1994-2016. Contact us for a full list of features.

Engine Modifications:
Power hungry? Every car enthusiast loves to modify their engine for more power and efficiency. Take the guess work out of finding the best performance options for your car or prevent worrying about mismatched parts. Give us a call today!

Engine Decarbonization:
Carbon deposits in your engine can clog your valves and build up on your pistons, reducing power, causing bad fuel mileage, and creating hot spots inside your engine which may lead to premature failure. Injector flushing and manually removing carbon deposits has substantial effects on your engine such as: Better throttle response, better engine idle quality, more power, better performance and increase fuel mileage.

And Much More! Contact us today with any of your concerns or modification needs! We do it all!


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