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L&M Foreign Cars is one of the most advanced auto diagnostics shops in the New York City area. We provide complete service & repair for BMW, VW, Audi, Land Rover, Mini Cooper, Mercedes, Porsche & Saab. We are customer focused and strive to provide the best automotive care possible.

Opened in 1969 we have been proudly repairing & servicing foreign cars in Brooklyn for over 45 years. Our technicians hold L2 technician status, are featured in Road & Track, Eurodiagnostics, Counterman and hold over 16 professional automotive certifications. We use original car parts and have been providing knowledge and expertise to our large customer base as well as dealerships and automotive shops around New York.

In a business that is overrun by mechanics who don't know enough and dealers who charge too much, L&M is an oasis of quality recognized as the European car experts. We are a full service shop and provide quality service for all your Audi repair needs.

L&M Foreign Cars knows everyone is looking for a mechanic to trust for their Audi or other foreign vehicle, and now you've found one.


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3 Reviews

  • Andrew
    Andrew11 years ago

    I am by no means a car person and feel a warm glow simply by figuring out how to open the hood. So as you can imagine I am very wary of being ripped of or taken for a ride by a mechanic because everyone knows somebody who was victim to a dishonest mechanic

    I'm new to the city and found L&M Foreign Cars by searching on yelp. I took my Audi A4 there because on an issue with the power steering. From the moment I walked in and greeted Michael and his father I felt like I came to the right place, and now that the work has been done- I'm still convinced of it.

    They were fast and even paid for my cab to the subway the day I brought it in! They were fairly priced and were very patient in explaining to me all the intricacies of the problem I was having and now I actually feel like I've grown a couple of chest hairs from that butch manly knowledge.

    It was a schlep for me to get over there from Hamilton Heights but it was well worth the trip and I will be going back the next time I need to (which i hope is not any time soon).

    5 Stars easy.


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  • ian
    ian12 years ago

    I have a 2002 audi a4 avant. I got my timing belt replaced. Bill the owner of L&M Foreign Cars was knowledgeable, honest, fast, and $600 cheaper than what I was quoted by life quality auto of vw audi. He actually showed me where he ordered and purchased the original part, and the how much it cost, showed me the parts that was replaced.

    great service!!!

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  • adam
    adam12 years ago

    i have a audi a4 with a engine light on for a year ,i took this car to the dealer and other shops ,they all told me they found the problem well after spending $2700.00 my problem was still there ,bill at L&M Foreign Cars , fix my car in 10 minutes ,was a valve put in the wrong way ,he charged me a diagnostic fee and the car is fine ,the best $120.00.i spent ,they are honest and great .i will go to them even if i have to change a light bulb...adam

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